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ILL "Superstar Special" (Superman/Holden) on DVD October 4

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It looks as  though the "I Love Lucy Superstar Special #2" (the John Wayne hour) will be released on DVD sometime in the spring. Will let you know if I hear a definite release date...

I got a copy of the Superstar Special #1 DVD and really liked watching it. A super super DVD. A very well done DVD release. Great news on a spring 2017 Superstar Special #2 DVD release. Now is it possible that Lucy Does A TV Commercial in color and The I Love Lucy Christmas Special with the colorized flashback parts might at some point be released on DVD? A big thank you to all the people involved with the I Love Lucy color show project. The CBS color specials and color DVDS are very well done. I look forward to your future I Love Lucy color projects.

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Mot Morenzi    1,569

I just realized something. The portrait of Lucy with her nose ablaze used on the cover and menu is the same one CBS had on the packaging for "I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume One" on VHS back in the 90s! It just clicked where I'd seen it before. The scarf tied over her hair is yellow in that painting, but it was colorized blue for the special.



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