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Found 1 result

  1. I just heard this the other day. Am I late in learning about this? The story goes that Bob and Delores claimed they were married in February 1934, and also that there had been rumors for decades that Bob had been married previously but he always denied those rumors. Then a few years ago a biographer discovered an official divorce record from first wife (whom he had denied ever marrying) dated November 1934. So if he had married Delores in February 1934, but did not divorce the first wife until November of that year, he was either a bigamist, or the February 1934 marriage didn't actually take place. And this biographer was unable to find any marriage document related to Bob and Delores, nor any photographs of a wedding. This is all very strange. Why would he spend his life denying the first marriage, which obviously did happen. And if he never married Delores, why not? Also, he was known to be a major philanderer, so why did she stick around? Among his many affairs was one he had in the late '40s with Doris Day, whom he nicknamed JT, which stood for Jut Butt (very classy, Bob). And according to something else I read, at the time she married Marty Melcher -- which was a couple years after the Bob Hope affair -- she was sleeping with four or five men contemporaneously. (How could she manage that keep them from wanting to kill one another?) I guess Melcher married her so he could be the only one. For the last few decades, though, she has supposedly wanted nothing more to do with men and has been content with the love of her animals. This DD chatter may be nothing more than made-up gossip, but there seems to be legitimacy to the BH stories.
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