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My Favourite Husband - DVD Rips

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Here is every episode of Lucy's radio show included on the official I Love Lucy DVD sets. The file size is large, but the quality is superior to most of the copies circulating on the internet. These are public domain material, so there should be no problem sharing these better quality copies.


Hope the link works!



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Many of these are repeats, but CBS included the original masters for the sets, so the quality often surpasses anything else I've heard. Hope they help some of you!


This really rocks!Thanks a lot! I love hearing how crisp and clear everything sounds as appose to the radio copies where you hear another

episode playing underneath the current one.



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Thanks. I have them all in MP3s, but the ILL DVDs do contain one episode I could never find (I can't recall right now which one it is). Still missing about a dozen or so, quite sadly. Come on CBS, give us the complete MFH show!


Probably "The Giveaway Program", as I never found that one online or in any radio spirits collection either.


Sadly, I think a few episodes are lost to the ages, as some of them inspired I Love Lucys and would surely have been included on the DVDs had CBS had copies.


Maybe somebody somewhere does, but I don't know.

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I downloaded these and got them to play on my computer. Has anyone burned these straight to CD, or do you need to convert the format? I hte all that file conversion stuff. I spent all weeekend doing that to some videos I was working with.


I believe they're either MP3 or M4A format, so iTunes or Windows should be able to burn them straight to CDs with no conversion necessary :)

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