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ARDEN @ COOK Diction/ Enunciation

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I was watching some recent Kooky episodes of The Mothers In Law lately

and I noticed something, an accent I think, with Eve Arden

and just noticed Carol Cook kinda has the same thing.

That mixture between irish and southern accent?

Any one else know what Im talking about? Even in Stage Door Eve Arden had that

kind of way of speaking. Anybody notice or have I been inhaling too much paint fumes?

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:marionstrong: I dunno! There are a lot of weird accents out there. The Queen Of Queer Speech Affectations would be Kathleen Turner! Where the hell is that woman FROM?? (I know..."army brat"...blah blah blah....) :marionstrong::lucydisgust:

Who hears an accent with Katie? All i hear is man's voice imitating Tallulah.

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