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Lucie Loves New York


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Lucie and Tony Roberts promoting Broadway in a spot for NYC tourism. Also featuring Claude's favourite minx:


Oh i LOVED those commercials back then, i even sent out for their book on NY every season, it's always been one of my favorite places. Didja notice how angie baby looks like Lucy in that Carol Burnett sketch where they are cleaning women?

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I was too young and lived in the wrong area to see them when they aired, but discovered these in my years of theatre research. They have 5 of these up. So many more shows participated in these then I thought. I think they had every show running in these.


After 9/11 they revived this I love NY campaign with a commercial shot in times square. They had Bernadette Peters start it off singing and then zoomed back to show a huge amount of bway casts singing. It' s on youtube.

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