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Ronald Searle, cartoonist has died


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The very talented cartoonist, Ronald Searle has passed away in France at 91. He was a prolific artist with a unique, quirky style.


Most here may remember his 1966 TV Guide cover of Lucy, where he spent time on the set of "The Lucy Show" and the magazine published his article and artwork.




















Here are a few other 1960's TV Guide covers as a small tribute to this very talented man:

























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RIP to a terrific talent. Love that Lucy cartoon. I'd have to say The Beverly Hillbillies cover is my second favorite! Though in reference to the article about Lucy, only someone at Fox News could get away with printing such sexist remarks today!

Back in those days, it was very common which kids today have no idea about. And i agree, the Hillbillies were MY second fave also.

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Never knew he did covers for TV Guide in America.


He is of course best known as the creator of St Trinians. He also did the opening titles for THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES, and I think the sequel MONTE CARLO OR BUST



Yes...he was mostly known for St. Trinians and so much more. (For TV Guide, he actually did 23 covers from 1965 to 1990 as well as artwork for the inside articles.)


A brilliant artist. Here's a blog dedicated to him:




Update: I just found out that there is a local exhibit on Ronald Searle here in Los Angeles, starting this Saturday. Timing is everything!


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