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Cupcake Wars

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Wasn't quite certain where to publish this; so, guess the Jamestown Site is the best place:


I have added what follows to the chronology for 1/30/12:


Kay Statz former original Board Member, Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum et al, e-mails this tidbit to Lucy Fans:


“Dear Fellow Lucy Fans: There is a new episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Channel; the theme is ("I Love Lucy") celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the show; our good friend, Michael Stern, is one of the judges; very cute show; most creative as well; even though its début occurred last night, it repeats quite often, check you local listings; worth watching I promise.....take care!!!, via e-mail this date in 2012.

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So I caught this last night. I thought it was funny that the one baker says that Jack Daniels was Lucy's favorite drink. Um where did she get this info. Lucy drank scotch and in the late 80's frozen margarittas.


Shows you how much I know about booze; isn't Jack Daniels a SCOTCH???? Oh, well, who cares what Lucille drank. If I had her life, I'd drink, too. Takes the edge off....tee hee

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