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Touching Memorial Lucy Tribute From an Ordinary Fan


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I've been wanting to share this y'all for a long time and finally I found it. This was a letter to the editor published in the New Orleans paper on May 7, 1989. I've saved it all these years. We've read and heard Lucy praised and honored by those in her industry, we know how the die-hard buffs who know every Lucy bit feel about her but how touching to read this letter from an ordinary fan, just one of those millions of people who watched Lucy on tv year after year and loved her.




"The recent death of Lucille Ball has been very sad for the whole country.


She was, as far as I am concerned, the last of the best. Lucy may be in heaven, but her love and memories and great ability to make us laugh were left behind for the entire world to hold near to our hearts and minds.


I have no knowledge of the "I Love Lucy" show on any public broadcast. I greatly believe that Ch. 49 should start running the best show of any kind. (She's referring to the fact that Lucy reruns were not airing in New Orleans at the time).


It seems 49 is trying to get some good old shows back, and I don't understand why they wouldn't consider putting on the best, Lucy.


We will never see Mrs. Lucy on earth again, please give us the honorary pleasure of seeing her on the air. Please let's make room for Lucy.


-Lisa Thompson, Metairie"

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