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Ann Dusenberry -- New Interview!

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What a lovely lady! And a wonderful albeit brief interview. Would love to see one more in depth, covering (naturally) more of her career, in particular the LWL time period.


We have so few folks left that got to work daily with The Lady that it'd be nice if that experience was captured by those who did so first hand, before they too are no longer with us or memories fade.


I don't know how you find this stuff, kid, but thanks for sharing! Wundaful! hlLOL.JPG

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Very nice! She seems like a very lovely and well spoken lady.


It's unfortunate LWL didn't compliment her obvious talented instincts. There were a lot of factors at stake, but the show didn't utilize her the way it should've. It's nice to hear what a grounded opinion she has of the show and her experience on it.

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