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Rare Lucy doll sells for $10,000 at auction


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The very rare Madame Alexander "Forever Darling" doll recently sold for $10,000! :obrien: Did anyone here break the bank to get it?


From WikedLocal:


Amesbury, Mass. —


A rare 1955 Madame Alexander Lucille Ball bride doll sold for more than $10,000 at a recent John McInnis Auction in Amesbury.


"It was a quite a successful sale," said Dan Meader, an appraiser for John McInnis Auctioneers, of the 700-plus doll collection of Kathy Hipp of Amesbury, who began amassing her collection in the 1950s.


The collection was sold at auction on July 14 at the McInnis Auction Gallery. It took in $300,000.


"We had 300 bidders registered online and another 140 to 150 people that came to the auction. We had buyers from other countries, including Japan and Australia and a strong concentration in this country," McInnis said.


"The mid-century (1950s) dolls did so well," McInnis said. The top lot was a very rare 1955 Madame Alexander Lucille Ball as a bride that sold for $10,062.50. An 18-inch Kathe Kruse swivel-head doll estimated at $500 to $750 sold for $2,950 and a Jumeau doll sold for $6,037."


Read more: Rare Lucille Ball doll tops $10,000 at Amesbury auction - Amesbury, MA - Amesbury News http://www.wickedlocal.com/amesbury/topstories/x1370864532/Rare-Lucille-Ball-doll-tops-10-000-at-Amesbury-auction#ixzz2245ZVfTj


More (including a photo) at the source: http://www.wickedlocal.com/amesbury/topstories/x1370864532/Rare-Lucille-Ball-doll-tops-10-000-at-Amesbury-auction#axzz2245MbTND


The doll can be seen in the second photo -- the wedding dress on the left hand side of the shot.

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