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Paris at Last!!!

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I love this episode. LOL. Especially Lucy's "franglais."


:lucysmirk: "le painting!" Tres jolie!


And Ethel seeing Lucy at the restaurant


:lucyhmm: je ne pas comprende English!


:viv1: You do to COMPRENDE English!


The translating bit in the jail was so cleverly done.


And none of what the waiter and chef were saying at the restaurant made any sense. I tried translating it myself. I have a basic idea of what they were saying but it was all nonsense. The chef said something about quitting, and something about a door?

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[quote name=DroopyDrawers :D' timestamp='1343636876' post='40866]

Well I guess the writers couldn't COMPRENDE French!



I used a different online translator and that one made a bit more sense--but the waiter said "voulez-vous prendre cette table-ci?" which loosely translates to "Would you like this table it?" And I don't get why the waiter asked the chef a question about "prudish Americans" when the chef was flipping out about ketchup on snails. And what else was the chef saying about "babas?" He was saying something about ketchup going on the babas of burgundy, never on escargot. I doubt anyone here speaks good French. I took it in HS. lol. If my French teacher was still there, I would ask him what they were saying.

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