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Lucy Memorbillia


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Hello Lucy fans! I've been a fan of Lucy's for about 13 years now and I have collected a ton of things along the way. I am in the process of moving and really need to unload a lot of my Lucy stuff. I can make you a good deal. If you are interested please message me or respond to this thread. I have the following:


- Books

- Most of the Lucy mattel collector barbie dolls

- Stamps

- Lamp

- 2001 50th anniversary tv guide magazines (all 8 in mint condition)

- I Love Lucy Birthday cards (4)

- I Love Lucy cards

- cardboard poster


- Photo's

post-4413-066575800 1344270676_thumb.jpg

post-4413-098757400 1344270681_thumb.jpg

post-4413-011587100 1344270686_thumb.jpg

post-4413-049838000 1344270691_thumb.jpg

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