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William Holden

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Bill Holden has received a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame!


From KPLR's Patrick Clark:


UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI) – There was cause for celebration in University City as another star was cemented into the Loop. Former O’Fallon Illinois resident William Holden was added to the St. Louis Walk Of Fame.


“He was certainly what you would call A-list Hollywood. As I like to show people at our museum, we have a lot of his movie posters and I always point out who has top billing and it’s William Holden all the way.” said president of the O’Fallon historical society Brian Keller.


Holden came all the way from a little house at 319 North Cherry in O’Fallon to hollywood. His big break came in 1939′s golden boy, and the nickname stuck. He found success with 1954′s Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17, Sabrina and a famous episode of I Love Lucy, playing William Holden.


“Among my favorites are the bRidge On The River Kwai, the wild bunch, Sunset Boulevard and the list just goes on and on. He was named by the American Film Institute as one of the greatest 50 actors of the 20th century. That’s how great he was.” said Walk Of Fame founder Joe Edwards.


Great enough to win an Oscar for Stalag 17. His final academy award nomination came in 1976′s Network.


Not only was holden an influential actor, he was a big named star and so were some of his best friends.


“He was the best man for Ronald Reagan when he married Nancy Davis.” said president of the O’Fallon historical society Brian Keller.


Holden and his wife Brenda Marshall often returned to his roots in O’Fallon to visit family. It seems fitting that he, or at least his star, is now a permanent resident off Delmar.


“A little over 130 stars and informative plaques in the sidewalks of the Loop. And it makes me feel great on a day like this because it is just another reason to learn more about our cultural heritage and how influential people from the St. Louis metropolitan area have been.” said Joe Edwards.


See, sometimes golden boys get some golden opportunities and become shining stars.


ARTICLE & VIDEO AT THE SOURCE: http://kplr11.com/2012/08/09/william-holden-gets-star-on-st-louis-walk-of-fame-2/

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