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The Lucy Show / Here's Lucy Theme Lyrics

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We all know the words to I Love Lucy's theme song. But what if TLS/HL had lyrics too? Here are my (rough draft) ideas:


The Lucy Show:


It's Lucy, Lucy, The Lucy Show

She's funny, charming, dontcha know?

Whether it's chilly outside, or warm and bright and sunny

She's always so funny, and chases every care away

Oh Lucy, Lucy, wontcha say

You'll come and join us every day?

Your smile is a gift for all of us to share and love and

make the blues up and go.

It's time to laugh with The Lucy Show!



Here's Lucy:


Here's Lucy, fabulous she!

Here's Lucy, fun as can be!

Smiles and cheers will appear

Whenever she is near

And Here's Lucy, time for some laughs

Here's Lucy, let's have a gas!

Curtain parting, show is starting

Now let the good times roll on

Lucy will beguile you with her song!


(not sure about that last line, maybe need a substitute word for "on" so I can rhyme something else)

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