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Stone Pillow questions

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Because of the dark lighting in most of the movie, it was hard to tell where Flora and Carrie were--when she told Carrie the story about how she became homeless, were they in the Grand Central basement or something? I saw pipes. And when they tried going to sleep before that scene and Flora pulled the dog in with her, the cop slides open a door. where in the hellyellbingo were they? As well as the "underground?" I know they wanted the least amount of lighting possible to make it look realistic but it makes it hard to tell where they were.


Also the part when she wanders around after leaving the shelter, she has the flashback and falls asleep. When it's morning it looks like the outside of an apartment building. Was it?


Funny story about the dog bit, the dog wouldn't stay so in the last take she (Lucy) gave it all she had to get him to stay put. And she thought the specially trained street rats were sissy and wanted real ones. And poor Lucy shed a lot of weight and even fainted a couple times under all those layers of clothing because there was an unexpected spring heat wave when they shot this movie.

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