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Sometimes, you just have to hear one word or two and you automatically think of Lucy . . . from the shows . . . Mama Yocaro . . . from movies . . . YOUR HIGHNESS . . . from Lucy just talking on a talk show . . . INDEED! What are some of the ones you hear and automatically think of her or her shows? How about i want swish parmints? Every time i hear I DO in a wedding sequence, i think of the greatest line the show ever gave us SINCE WE SAID I DO, THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WE DON'T! I work in a hotel so the other day this woman was telling me in the exact same way that Mrs McGuillicuddy did that she had left California hours earlier and so she wasn't even here yet!

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Fred, Fred, OH FRED! The classic I'VE GOT AN IDEA! And the one we feel we've heard as often as Ricky did, CAN I BE IN THE SHOW? Honey, I'm home! I've spent my allowance till 1974. But said in the fifties of course. Lady, even if you glued every piece together, and taught it to go Mooooooooooooo, i still couldn't take it back! I'm gonna do what every woman in America would do, I'M GONNA TRY IT ON!

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And everytime I hear the town Riverside, I have to say it like Lucy did.


:hlLOL: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me too! LOL


This didn't come in handy when I went to University because where ever you wanted to go, the best route to take was always the road just north of campus -- Riverside Drive.


Cab Driver: Would you rather go on Bronson or Riverside?

Me: RIVERSIDE?!!!!!!!!!!

Cab Driver: :blink:


A certain member of the Lounge also did this to my Resident Assistant when getting directions to a local shopping centre. I'm not naming any names... :lucythrill:


My Dad: Do you know where we can get some things for the room?

RA: There's a Zellers at the Bronson Centre.

Me: Where's that?

RA: You just take Riverside and--

Lounger in Question: RIVERSIDE?!!!! :lucyshock:

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Whenever I hear someone with the last name of Foster, I often find myself quietly singing "Bing Crosby sings Stephen Foster" under my breath.

Not me, it's always Grace Foster i think about, i had a Grace Foster register at the hotel about a year ago and this week it was non Lucy related Connie Francis. Had a MEYERS yesterday but his first name was NOT Vinnie, LOL!

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