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Lucy and her electric mattress

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Ummmm, I know there wouldn't be a story but why did Lucy take the mattress back? She could've just disabled the electric vibrating part and it would be a plain old mattress. And why couldn't Lucy or Viv sleep on the sofa downstairs? Guess it wouldn't be funny then.


There you go again, looking for a loge-a-cull 'splanation! :lucythrill:

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There you go again, looking for a loge-a-cull 'splanation! :lucythrill:


This is such a great physical bit that another piece of loge-ic can be overlooked. Wouldn't Viv's claustrophobia be exacerbated by the top bunk so close to the ceiling...especially when she's on the inside after Lucy joins her?


Since YOUR version gets rid of the entire 2nd half of the show, they could have had Lucy and Viv spending the night on the electric mattress when the control crackles, smokes and emits a shower of sparks (pre-Milt Josefsburg) sending the two of them on their way to New Rochelle via the Old Post Road only to be saved by the heroic deed of Dean Martin's double Eddie Feldman.

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