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"I Love Lucy" Fan Fic Game

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I'll start a story and someone else will continue it and another person will continue it and so on. A group fan fic. Let's begin.

The story takes place after the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episodes in Connecticut.



Scene: Ricardo Living Room/Dining Room


Ricky is on the couch reading the newspaper while Lucy calls the Mertz' on the intercom.


Lucy: "Hey Ethel girl! Got a minute? We got big news to tell you!'

Ethel: "We'll be right there Lucy."


Lucy walks over to Ricky.


Lucy: "Oh Ricky! I can't wait to tell the Mertzes!"

Ricky: "Lucy, what's the big deal? I'm just going to Hollywood to make another movie."

Lucy: "What's the big deal?!? What's the big deal you ask?!? Just like a man."


Ricky gets up.


Ricky: 'And you're just like a scattered brain wife."


Ricky goes upstairs. Ethel and Fred enter through the side door.


Ethel: "So what's the big news Lucy?"

Fred: "It better be good. I was in the middle of a sandwich."

Lucy: "Well, we're going to..."


Fred pulls out a partially eaten sandwich from his pocket and starts eating.


Ethel: "Fred!"

Fred: "Well, I'm hungry!"

Ethel: "And you're also fat and bald. So what!"

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Now listen you two! Remember last month when Ricky mentioned what he considered was a small little insignificant part he had to do a screen test for?



the one Paramount Pictures flew him out to make??





ETHEL (beginning to become as excited as Lucy)

Oh howd it go Lucy!? did they like him?



Did they like him?? They LOVED him!



Horay! (the girls began to a make a small cheer)



Congratulations!! Now if you dont mind, Id like to get back to something I love!

(he goes to take a large bite out of his half sandwich)



ETHEL (frowns, and moves his hand holding the sandwich away from his mouth)

Oh Fred! (To Lucy) So what are they gonna do with him?



Are you ready for this? He will be co-starring as the best friend and side kick of Buddy Weiserman!!






Buddy Weiserman!..played by thee Bing Crosby!!


ETHEL (excited)

Bing Crosby!?



BING CROSBY Ethel! Oh! Cant you just imagine the serenading songs between those two?



Ah, now thats my kind of show, a good Crosby picture! Crosby sure can sing the ballads like the kind Barney and I use to

cover! like the beautiful: COME TO MEEE (begins to sing "Melancholy baby".)


(Ethel takes the same hand holding the sandwich she just pulled from Freds face, and pushes it and the sandwich back into his mouth to shut him up)


Finish your lunch Fred!


Lucy laughs as they all walk towards the couch to sit down...

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AGENT: Hello, Ricky?


RICKY: Oh, hi Don!


AGENT: Did you tell everyone the good news?


RICKY: I sure did Don. We're all very excited.


AGENT: Well if you thought Crosby was a break get ready for this... We just signed your female co-stars.


(LUCY furrows her brow)


RICKY: Oh? Who are they?


AGENT: Well, Bing's gal is gonna be played by Ava Gardner, and your gal's gonna be Marilyn Monroe.


(LUCY'S eyebrows shoot up to her hairline)


RICKY: Marilyn Monroe is gonna be MY girlfriend?


AGENT: That's right and she's just dying to meet you. The studio's planning all sorts of publicity. They want to really push you as the next big Hollywood coupling. Think of it: a charming Latin man falling for America's favourite blonde bombshell. Sounds great right?


LUCY: Sounds lousy to me!


RICKY: Lucy, you hang up the phone!


LUCY: I'm sorry Don, but Mr. Ricardo is not available to do your picture!




LUCY: Ricky happens to have a red-headed bombshell of his own!


RICKY: Don, let me call you back. And don't worry, I'm doing the picture!


AGENT: Okay. Call me back when you've got it straightened out with the wife.


RICKY: I will. Goodbye.


(He hangs up and marches downstairs, where Lucy's got her arms crossed, giving him the evil eye).


RICKY: Lucy...


FRED: What was that all about.


ETHEL: Yeah what happened?


RICKY: Lucy, what you just did could've been very damaging...


LUCY: Not half as damaging as what I'm going to do!


RICKY: Now Lucy...


LUCY: There is no way you're gonna do a picture parading around the set with Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe fawning all over you every second!





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Ethel: Shut up Fred!


Ethel shoves the sandwich back in Fred's mouth.


Ricky: Now listen up and listen good! I'm only going to say this once. I am going to make this movie. You are going to behave yourself. Nothing will happen between Marilyn, Ava and myself.




Ethel: Shut up Fred!


Ethel proceeds to shove the sandwich in Fred's mouth but discovers that the sandwich is gone.


Fred: I've finished the sandwich. HA!


Ethel takes Fred's hand and makes it into a fist and shoves it on Fred's mouth.


Ethel: Shut up Fred!


Ricky continues.


Ricky: And while we're at it- when we're in California, I don't want you to create an updoar like you did last time! Understand?!?


Lucy (sarcastically): Yes sir; I won't create an updoar like last time which, for the record, was NOT my fault.


Ricky: Not your fault?!? Who was the culprit who STOLE John Wayne's footprints?

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