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The Lucy Show Kiddie Parties Inc.

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I love this episode! It's so fitting because it was taped on June 6th 1963 and my birthday is on the 5th! Well 26 years later. Anyone catch the pink balloon floating back down to the ground at the beginning of the dog act? Proof that the balloon didn't make it as far as the studio ceiling! lolz. It must have got a hole in it somehow, and the helium started leaking out. It was def. Viv's balloon that she accidentally let fly away when she and Lucy were blowing them up. I bet the crew members were afraid it would get in the way of a camera because maybe they couldn't catch it as it came down, and of all the places to land, it was right in a shot behind Lucy.


Also Lucy and Viv already looked like clowns because of all their makeup.


I can't believe how much was cut out on my old copy.

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