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Lucie Arnaz singing at 1984 TV Hall of Fame

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Yeah, I've seen this many times before - it really is beautiful to watch and very moving. Funny you should mention the colour of Carol Burnett's hair - the "grey/purple rinse" look was very fashionable back in the early 80's - I've seen it on a few celebs back then - it really is revolting LOL especially because that "punk" haircut makes it even worse! Well, blame the early 80's! :lucythrill:

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That is the single greatest thing Lucie Arnaz has ever done, the most beautiful number, well executed, perfectly performed and a joy to watch even though i've seen it as often as any ILL episode. I could watch that on a loop forever. Wasn't Desi jr absolutely gorgeous when he introduced his sis? And wouldn't Carol's sparkly jacket have looked great on Lucy, you see it on her when Carol and Lucy hug a few minutes later. Wish they had showed the whole thing.

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