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"Lost" I Love Lucy Pilot contract up for auction!


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Hey Gang,


I recently discovered I have an extra copy (1 of only 4) of the contract between CBS and Joanne Perez (Pepito's wife) when she found the long lost I Love Lucy Pilot in 1990. The fully signed copy I donated to the Lucy-Desi Center so it'd be with the other Pepito related pieces like his lion tammer costume and the mini bicycle. One copy I sold to a former dancer of Pepito and Joanne's academy who is writing a book about the Perez's. I wanted to keep a copy for my collection but just realized there was another. So I've put it up for auction on eBay along with other original forms pertaining to it, etc. This is 1 of the 4 original copies CBS sent Joanne of the contract, not a xerox copy. To check it out this rare piece of Lucy history and more details click the link:



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