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The letter 'P' - The Alphabet Game


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Let's start off the New Year 2013 with Producers, for today:


b. 8/2/11 d. 3/27/10


Gregg Peters, Producer, 3 titles; Assistant Director, The Lucy Show, “Lucy Saves Milton Berle”, and “Lucy the Choirmaster”, 1965, “Lucy the Gun Moll”, 1966; Assistant Director, Desilu Productions', Mission Impossible “Pilot”, 1966; Assistant Director, 13 episodes; Unit Manager, Unit Productions' Manager, Desilu Productions', Star Trek, 28 episodes, 1966-67; as well as Assistant Director, (“Here's Lucy”) “Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage”, 1971, and “Lucy Fights the System”, 1974, is born this date in 1925.



Hope each of us on the LOUNGE is home safe and sound from New Years Eve celebrations; if the idea of going to the Casino is to 'make' money 'ferget about it...'

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