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Here's Lucy Filming Dates

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About 2 years ago, I wrote to the fellows behind the dvd releases of Here's Lucy and was told that the Season 6 release would contain the filming dates of all the Here's Lucy episodes. As we know, things didn't turn out that way. Oh well. It's still a very nice set.


Elisabeth Edwards has advised me that the information is available, but would be very time-consuming to assemble. I assume the production reports are in storage and would have to be retrieved.


QUESTION: Does anyone out there in the Lounge already have a listing of the filming dates? If so, would you be willing to share that info?


[NOTE: Elisabeth quite rightly pointed out that several of the Season 2 episodes were filmed without a studio audience and therefore would have multiple filming dates. However, the majority of the 144 episodes were clearly filmed on a single night in front of a live audience.]

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I asked TJW in a PM and this is what he told me. He has all the dates.


Season One filmed from May through December, 1968

Season Two filmed from May through December, 1969

Season Three filed from March through October, 1970

Season Four filmed from April through early November, 1971

Season Five filmed from March through early October, 1972

Season Six filmed from July, 1973, through January, 1974


These are all the dates I know. I saw the dates on the slates while watching behind the scenes stuff.


"Lucy and the Great Airport Chase" was in July 1968

"Lucy Runs the Rapids" was the week of June 15th, 1969

"Lucy, the Helpful mother" was taped September 25th, 1969 (Tom told me this)

"Lucy Meets the Burtons" was May 14th, 1970.

"Lucy Goes Hawaiian" was taped through June 8th-June 22nd, 1970. (Yes I was really surprised that it didn't go on the air for 8 months but it wasn't the last episode shot for the season anyway, for some reason)

"Lucy's Big Break" was taped March 23rd, 1972

"Lucy and the Reckless Wheelchair Driver" was taped in May, 1972 (you can clearly see the date on Lucy's mugshot photo)

"Lucy and the Franchise Fiasco" was taped September 21st, 1972.

"Lucy Plays Cops and Robbers" was July 12th, 1973

And the final 3 episodes were taped from January 10th-24th, 1974.

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