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Lucy "owned?" artifact on TV tonight


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Try and catch Baggage Battles on the Travel Channel. Looks like there is a 2/14 3:00am rebroadcast, I don't think Tivo showed it again after this.


Watched this tonight and they found in a fire box a Desilu Inc. California Bank pass book. Well they are all "did Lucy own this?" Well they take it to a handwriting expert and this guy determines that yes it was Lucy's based on how Desilu was written on the top of the pages. He says that this is worth $700-$800.


Ok, I agree that it is a real Desilu pass book but it didn't dawn on anyone that it could be some Exec in the company, and Lucy was not keeping track of her own money in the company. Yes Lucy was doing a show, running a studio and had time to put the checks in the company account. They never state a year the book is from. She wasn't the president the full tenure of the company.


So the thing that really pisses me off is they analyse the handwriting on it and that's how they determine it was her's. The handwriting looks nothing like Lucy's. Having read letters, notes, etc... from a span 40-80's, some multipage personal letters, this is no way her handwriting and I called it from the quick glances they showed of the book. They guy checking it out was measuring the slant and loops and also looked to have something written by her to compare it too. The quick shot I saw of the comparison did look to be Lucy handwriting.


Check it out if you can and join in yelling at the TV like I did.

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Thanks for telling us about this, Luvsbway. I don't watch that show but would like to have seen that part of it. I tried a few searches on y ou tube & g oogle for the clip but no luck. I also checked the travel channel site which has full epsiodes & short clips but a search of both "Desilu" & "Lucille Ball" didn't take me anywhere. Maybe Luvsbway or someone else who saw the show would have better luck.

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