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What Are Some of Your Favorite Musical Numbers?


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This rendition of "Y'all Come" always puts a smile on my face :marionstrong: :






What are some of your favorites?

Yeah, heard that one recently and it IS terrific. For some reason, all morning i've had that Arthur Godfrey song playing in the cobwebs of my mind . . .you know the one where they do a musical about Danfield and he sings this great soing, all the songs done on the shows were good but this one has a real timelessness to it.
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Some of our favorite musical numbers???? From any of Lucille's shows??? I take that is what you are asking... and these aren't my favs because of any stand out singing.. just like the way the numbers on the whole are preformed... :


The whole Pleaseant Peasant.. from beginning to end...

The Hawaiian song where Fred enters with a native coustume on

The Indian Love Song... The Waters of the Minnetonga (both straight and silly versions)

The highlights from The Most Happy Fella when Lucy is spending a night in town

Cuban Pete/Sally Sweet

and that is all that come to mind on I Love Lucy...

The Carol Burnett Stewardess Show...

and my favorite musical number from Here's Lucy... Hot Ginger and Dynamite

say what you will about that episode.. I think it is truely ENTERTAINING (with a few moments that I have to speed throught with the FF button!)

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Too many to list but yes I agree, Anniversary Waltz is definitely a sentimental favorite for me, in one of my all-time fave episodes! Viv as Steamboat Bessie from TLS ep is another personal fave since she seldom got to toot her own horn but when she did she made the most of it as she does in this number! :HALKING:

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Here are my tops grouped my shows and specials.



Van Johnson- Wonderful mix of comedy and beauty

Hollywood Anniversary- Love the ending of the dance.

Cuban Pete, The swing number in ___, Bob Hope at the club.



Steamboat Bessie number. The who sketch is cute, but that number ranks as one of my top 5r in Viv performances.

Lucy in the Music World- Love surfer hippie Lucy and especially how she sits on the stool to sing the song. Those are some great legs.

2nd Ethel Merman Episode- The show they put on is good as everyone gets something nice to do but letting Merman do that abbreviated version of Everything’s Coming Up Roses at the end makes it a fav for me.

Phil Harris- Lucy and Phil at the piano. I saw this as a teenager and wanted to sit in a piano bar and do this. Of course now I act just like Lucy when I’m drunk so maybe that’s not a good idea.



Jack Benny’s Biography- Only has small musical bits in it, but I think I like the parts where Lucy does some dancing as I’m obsessed with the rehearsal footage for this episode. Love watching the master at work than.

The 2 Carol Burnett musical performances not to include that awful thing about getting a new gym. I love how in the Hollywood themed one there is a poster for “The Greatest Show on Earth” hanging in the background. This had to be intential, it’s just to ironic.

Ann Margaret performance. Can I please have this woman’s hair? Holly crap she is hot in this.



Ann Margret Show- Autograph Ann Celebrity Lu-The outfits are cute and Lucy matches step for step someone a lot younger than her.

Carol Plus 2- Favorite thing I have seen Lucy and Carol together. Yet again matching someone much younger than her. They look to be having so much fun too.


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The ones you've listed are all great! :professor:


Another one that makes me smile is when Ethel is singing on her hometown stage & Lucy, Ricky & Fred are being hilarious behind her :marionstrong: .


I love the "We're Having a Baby" song, too, but that one makes me misty-eyed instead of making me smile :) .

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