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Does anyone know the places that Stone Pillow took place in NYC? All I know is, Flora's street corner was at the corner of West 11th Street and Bleeker Street. I was able to see the street sign at one point so I looked at it on Google Maps and yes, there is a small park across the street, and the blue facades are still on the building where the grocery store was, which was where Flora slept. But ...


Where was that coffee shop that the man offered to buy her coffee from?

And where was that alleyway that Flora and Carrie tried sleeping in (with the dog?) It showed it during the day when Carrie tried looking for Flora.

What building was actually the Delano Shelter, and the Hawgrove (whatever) Shelter? Maybe the street that the lady mentioned is the actual street.


Also, how the heck did Flora get all the way back from Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan at the end? I think she took the subway, I'm not sure. ("If I was the subway, where would I be?")


If only this movie was made a few years ago, we would know all the filming locations.

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That's a really good question. I would love to know the answers. I do like that we get a look at Grand Central pre-renovation. There is a great blog I follow called Scouting NYC. He has done shot for shot movie location comparisons. He usually does big movies like Ghostbusters, Taxi, and just did a nice one on The Apartment.

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I’ve been on a kick of looking at old photos of New York from the 70’s and 80’s before Times Square and the city started to become one big strip mall run by Disney. So I put in Stone Pillow last night to enjoy some vintage NYC. Some observations. I think most of the stuff of Flora’s corner was shot in the village. Grand Central pre renovation is very interesting to get some quick glimpses of. Pause it a few times and look at the walls and floor. It was dirty. It’s amazing how much they cleaned this place up in the late 90’s.


Once we get to Brooklyn it’s like day and night now. Back then it was a bunch of burned out buildings, abandoned cars, and pretty scary looking. Now the only thing scary in Brooklyn is the amount of mom’s and their strollers. Brooklyn is now the hot place to be. I get Time Out NY weekly (don’t know how that happened as I live 4hrs away in PA) but there is so much coverage of hip stuff in Brooklyn. I got wondering where in Brooklyn the shelter was suppose to be. It sounds like the lady doing the intake says “Hargrove St” but a search shows no current or former street in any part of Brooklyn with that name. Anyone got an idea?


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