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Getting the CD Rom to run

diane belmont

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I'm new here, so I wanted to first say hi and introduce myself - my name's Rianna. :) I also have a question and was hoping that someone around here might be able to help me out? I apologize if it's already been discussed on here before or if I'm posting in the wrong section of the site...


So I managed to get a hold of the Lucy Desi Scrapbook CD Rom, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to get it work. My computer refuses to download the version of Quicktime that comes with the CD, and I can't even get the compatibility setting to change to 256 colors. Am I out of luck or is there any way to run this thin'? Haha :) Thanks in advance if anyone can give me some tips before I pull my hair out!! lol

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Scroll down to the thread on this page for the Scrapbook CD-Rom. I got mine up and running and put some information in there because I was having the same problems. Let me know if you still need help.


Thank you, I was able to get it running.



Welcome to the Lucy Lounge Rianna!!! :lucy1:



Hi Rianna -- welcome to the Lounge! :)


Aw thank you! :)

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