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New sit-down interview with Lucie and Larry (feat. Kaye Ballard)

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Show begins after a lengthy and peculiar introduction:



Note: Kaye Ballard and Shecky Greene appear around the 13 minute mark in a musical tribute to the hearing aid. :lucyshock:

Thanks for presenting this to us, Brock; an interesting look into the life of Lucie and Larry. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Do you have a date it was presented? thanks....JK

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Well if you're going to interview Benjamin Netanyahu, the most obvious person to interview next would be Rita Rudner. It's so pat!

This Gloria Greer has some local Palm Springs fame. She was in the stage-read production of "the Women" with Lucie, Carole and a host of others. A small role but she entered to applause. Gloria is enthusiastic as an interviewer, and though she's a bit awkward, it's refreshing to see someone older in the role, but her intro of Lucie and Larry is a little meandering (how many Emmys???) and at 24 min she has a literal "senior moment".


Who knew Shecky had such a good voice?

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This was awesome. I wanna adopt Larry as a God father lol Is it me or does he seem like an incredible person? He reminds me of my grandmother, soft spoken, yet every sentence seems profound lol. I think its

his integrity and his immense appreciation for talent and genuine creativity like my grandmom.

I love Lucie, she seems so much like her dad! Her mom at this point in her life and career was a bit reserved, funny and personable but circumspect in interviews and responses were craftily thought out- Lucie here seems to have the care free charm to life like her dad. Shes honest, shes fresh and open and seems like a great friend to those around her she loves. She doesnt sound like shes doing another press interview, she sounds like shes opening up to friends-wonderful! just wonderful. I remember seeing them in person, and that positive energy just made them glow :) thanks for sharing! :)

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Cool interview! Thanks for sharing this, Brock. About Lucie here -- what Henry said :) -- she's fresh, open, friendly (& funny, too, trying to sell their extra house!) It was interesting to see Larry & hear his stories as I've only ever read interviews he has done in the past.


It was nice to see Kaye, too, even if the commercial was not as good as Mary Margaret McMertz & Isabella Klump's! :lucythrill:

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