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Over the top Lucy moments

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I think the over the top moments tend to get more frequent as the series go on. This happens because of 2 parts. Changing writers and not really understanding the Lucy character and second not following the writing rule of starting with the ending and working backwards.


Here’s my breakdown per series:




Bonus Bucks- The visual payoff is great but can we really believe that Lucy went through the starch vat and didn’t get seriously injured?

The Comedy Hours seemed to work hard to put Lucy into some crazy dangerous stuff. Milton Bearle and the whole construction bucket, Horse cart racing, riding down the slopes on the back of Fernando Lamas, bull fighting, flying the plane in Alaska. We see logically how she got into these places but it’s bordering on over the top that she doesn’t get injured doing these things.





Super Lucy or flying Lucy or something like that. God is this a terrible episode. Gotta throw all reality out the window on this one. I think I

watched this one last when I got that season on DVD and won’t go back for a repeat viewing.


Missing Stamp- This has the same sort of premise as the ending to Bonus Bucks with Lucy in the mail bag. Good visual payoff but she went through the sorter? Really?


Jack Benny’s vault- This is an enjoyable episode but the whole vault setup is just so over the top.




Lucy at LAX is a little on the crazy side as far as the whole plot goes and running around the airport.


Lucy and Lawrence Welk- Viv can not be this blind.


Also a general sum up for LS and HL is anything with fake animals.


On ILL the famous guest appearances worked for the original half hours. For the most part they came out of logical meetings and the situations they got into were based stronger in reality. The Comedy Hour guests fall into the same problem of most celebrity guests as themselves in the later years of LS and the run of HL. Lucy sure makes friends fast with the famous people and gets them to do a heck of a lot for her, for her being some random person that meets the famous at a hotel, the office, a nightclub, a restaurant, the hospital, or just goes to their house and knocks on the door. If all celebrities were this accommodating to their fans.


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Agreeing with Luvsbway on Bonus Bucks (the first example that came to my mind), Jack Benny's vault & people dressed as animals.

I have also always had a hard time with Lucy cutting through an electrical wire up on the roof without getting a fatal jolt!


And did she really walk that baby elephant down the street without a problem before stashing him in her bedroom? :)

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