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Lucy is a Chaperone

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I LOVE this episode! :D The way the opening credits music is more "surf rock" and also how it's a bit warbled. And Especially after Lucy gets off the phone with principal Westcott after agreeing that she and Viv will chaperone, much to Viv's annoyance


:lucy2: How about . . .

:viv2: Lucy . . . :angry:


such great timing with her line.


And the whole thing with the 60s teen lingo.


:lucy2: Greetings gate! AHHHHHHH. Let's cut a rug

:viv2::lucy2: Hubba hubba hubba


:viv2: Oh that is groovy fink! Ah I mean diddly diddly diddly.


And their rendition of BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY.


I think the latter half of season 1 is the best because most of my favorite episodes are there. Wasn't crazy about the 1st half but it was still funny.

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