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Desi's End of Life


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On page 67 of this book you can see that 1/3 of A Book was not released because it was too depressing. I wish it would have been released to realistically picture what had happened in the 16 years since the divorce. I think Desi's life ended the worse of the four stars. Lucy had her depressing moments but died beloved by a shower of cards and well wishes and a standing ovation. Vivian had her quiet life and despite her cancer died optismtic. William got to enjoy My Three Sons and wasn't sick long before he died. However, drugs and drinking and lack of projects drained poor Desi.

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Sorry the pages when I went backwards took me all the way to approx. Mid 50 page numbers. He starts a a movie analysis here.

Ok thanks. The book really looks interesting. Sad but interesting. The part about Desi keeping a list of Lucy's other lovers made me laugh. The man was so possesive of her! :marionstrong::lucydesi:

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