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New L-D Center Website to Launch Soon


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From Today's Paper:




The shuffle of shelves at the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center gift shop might be the drum roll before the main event.


As the museum anticipates next year's centennial birthday for Lucille Ball, there are already changes taking place at its downtown facility.


"I thought it would be a good idea to rearrange everything because we are moving forward at the Lucy-Desi museum," said Becky Sander, gift shop manager and coordinator of its new appearance.


She said older items have moved over to accommodate new Lucy-themed products. A complete line of T-shirts feature new graphics from classic episodes, paired with humorous slogans.


A center pedestal showcases the new 2010 Lucy doll from the episode "Lucy Tells the Truth." Sander said a majority of the devoted fanbase makes it a point to collect each Mattell doll annually.


Bill Stevenson, member of the Lucy-Desi board, said the arrangements done to the physical space will go hand-in-hand with its new website, which should be shortly available for the public. Sander also handles sales from the online store. She said catalogs and merchandise has been delivered to recipients as far away as Canada, and even Germany and Israel.


"We're starting now to bring in school kids, and regenerate the audience and the fans," from a local standpoint, said Stevenson, and he added during a routine weekend there are buses that come from Cleveland and elsewhere.


In December, the junior ice hockey tournament at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena should present an exciting opportunity for the museum and other downtown businesses, said Stevenson.


Many people worldwide have watched "I Love Lucy", but this will be the first time to experience her legacy. He said the museum hopes to attract a new following among these visitors.




The museum's Tropicana Room will be offering food, fright and fun for Halloween.


On Saturday, Oct. 30, people can enjoy their favorite Lucy episodes on the while dining on a selection of halloween dishes and treats. Considering the holiday theme, attendees are encouraged to dress up for the fundraising event. The evening will end with a showing of the thriller Lured, co-starring Lucille Ball and Boris Karloff.


"Prizes will be awarded for the best "I Love Lucy" costume, the best Lucille Ball costume and the best comedian costume," said Sander.


Stevenson added the museum will also be entering a float display during the city's annual Christmas Parade on Dec. 3. He said details are coming together about hosting opportunities during the event, as well as programming to celebrate Lucy's birthday in 2011.


Tickets for Halloween Happening are $15 per person and may be purchased at either the Lucy-Desi Museum or the Desilu Playhouse, online at www.lucy-desi.com, or by calling 484-0800 or 800-582-9326.



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Thanks, Brock, for 'saving me some typing' and announcing the 'Museum Move Forward' article from Sunday's paper.


I want 'our' readers here in the New Lucy Lounge to know I have [yesterday] e-mailed the Center, hoping 'they' [whomever 'they' are at this time] will use excerpts from my Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz chronology in their 'trailer', in place of the joke section by various OTHER comedians.


It wouldn't hurt my feelings if 'our members' who are familiar with my chronology put in a good word for me, since I began the research for same in February 2005, while a nearly full-time volunteer at the time, and one who had the 'time' to do it, and from which has grown a nearly 510-page document ready for publishing.


Thanks for your comments and thoughts, also....Joyce K.

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