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Lucy Decides to Redecorate

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What do most Lucy fans think of this episode? I enjoyed the bit where Lucy and Viv try to sleep in the car. And of course Lucy almost going up the freshly painted stairs and Viv doesn't stop her. We're in the middle of redecorating the house right now--painting the furniture (LOL) and getting rid of the old furniture, did you hear what I said?


And who spray painted their couch even back in 1963? And who paints their stairs?


Today, Mr. Mooney would've just whipped out his iphone and called 911 instead of running into Lucy's house to use the phone.

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A weak (er) entry in the mostly solid 2nd season.

Yes, people painted stairs, but never heard of anyone spray painting furniture...in their living room no less.

Bobs and Madelyn were usually inspired by something they saw in real life so it's possible this was a redecorating fad in 1963.

My favorite part is Mooney's reaction as he's sinking into the couch and his delivery of "What is this? A new game called Sink the Banker?"

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A family story which lives in infamy is the time my maternal grandmother had the bright idea to spray paint their otherwise lovely loveseat a shade of ORANGE. Apparently, it cracked every time one sat down on it. Unfortunately I never saw the couch, but my grandmother saved the matching orange mini-ottoman as a reminder never to do it again. It's in our garage somewhere... Not sure if she wore her yellow satin evening gown for the paint job.

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