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Heritage Auctions- More LUCY items for sale

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Yet another auction on August 10th featuring some Lucy items. I am a member of several auction houses and they sent me a catalog for this one, and I found a few Lucy items. They dont have the digital catalog like the Dreier one, but if you search "Lucille" & "Ricky" into the search engine on THIS page you can see the items (I think there are 5, and a couple are lots). Enjoy browsing! I can send in pictures from that catalog too if anyone would like.

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Checked those out. Love that all the band members had to have a parent cosign since they were underage.


The receipt for the sodas was cute. Yep keep that clean image up.


And why is Desi borrow $1000+ bucks from his mother in 1953? Maybe it was repayment for a really old loan and now that he is racking it in he could finally pay her back.

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