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Alter Lucy titles to make new episodes!

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Vivian f***s Lucy

Lucy overhears Viv on the phone saying she's lebanese and coerces Lucy to do it with her


P*ssy Parties Inc

Lucy and Viv decide to open up a strip club and become strippers


The Sexophone

Lucy finds a saxophone and blows notes for pleasure and to attract men (yeah stupid one)


Lucy is a Sex Symbol

Grandmother Lucy is accused of sexually molesting a young man


Lucy gets knocked up

Lucy discovers she's pregnant but doesn't know who the father is . . . until Fred confesses! :blink:


Lucy and Harry's POT

Lucy discovers that Harry has been smuggling pot in the office so the two decide to get high


Lucy the f***ing expert

Harry graphically explains the facts of life to Craig and it gets him turned on so he turns to his mom to find out the good secrets of doing the horizontal polka


Lucy and Viv take a shower

Continuing adventures of Lucy being lebanese,(I know LESBIAN) Lucy and Viv take a shower together and get locked in the stall but they REALLY make the best of it

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I'm importing mine from Rod's original thread on the old board:


The Girls Want To Go To A Dyke Club


Cuban Pills--Lucy get involved in a drug ring on a routine souvenier hunt in Havana.


Lucy's Fake Orgasm--Is the Ricardo passion on the rocks?


Bone Us F*cks--Lucy and Ricky end up in a new XXX Game Show.


Homo Movies--Ricky and Fred take their friendship to a whole new level and create some interesing stag films.


First Schtup--Mr. Skinner's cabin proves handy for Little Ricky as he comes of age.


Ricky And The Harlots--only hookers will do on this wild photo shoot in L.A


Lucy Gets A Parish Gown--Lucy decided to become a priest.


Lucy Meets The Queens--Lucy invites Liberace, Elton John and Truman Capote over for drinks and gossip.


Statan Island Fairy--see above...only it takes place on the coctail deck.


Ricky Thinks He's Getting BALLED--Lucy sets Ricky up with the same hooker that tricked Frank Gifford.


Lucy Raises Two Lips--tired of over-painting her natutal lip-line, Lucy hires Dr. 90210 to inflate her kisser.




Ricky Knees An Agent--Ricky, ticked off that yet another movie was shelved, knees his agent in the family jewels and gets arrested.


The Great Train Rubbery--the girls host an erotic toy party on an AmTrak Auto Train.

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Lucy's Bisexual Trip :D


Fred and Ethel f***

Fred and Ethel realize they haven't done it in years and decide to mess around


Lucy gets lucky with the neighbors

Lucy decides to have an affair with the next door neighbors much to Ricky's horror


Lucy does the Horizontal Tango


(can't think of a good synopsis for this one lolz)

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I think my two best were "Lucy Sells Craig to Liberace" and "Lucy and Eva Braun are Hospital Roomies," but here goes:


"Lucy and Shelly Winters' Fat Farm"


The Carter family helps attract overweight people to Winters' weight-loss camp by showing what fun can be had by exercising (special appearance by William Conrad).



"Lucy Hates Dean Martin"


Lucy and Mary Jane, on a new "women's lib" kick, start a campaign to get Martin's show cancelled because they are offended by the sexist way in which women are portrayed on the show. As Mary Janes works for a studio, she gets Lucy and herself into the studio where Martin's show is taped. They next trick the two young ladies who have just been hired to become part of the "Golddiggers," into thinking the "Golddiggers'" number has been cut from this week's show. The climax comes when Lucy and Mary Jane, in sexy "Golddigger" costumes, take the girls' places, intending to sabotage the show. Of course, during the havoc, the girls are discovered, but as Martin handles the situation with such humor and class, they become fans.

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"What Now Catherine/Curtis?"


In a rare gender-bending portrayal, Lucille Ball plays "Catherine," a whiskey-voiced, recent divorcee, who becomes "Curtis" to fulfill her previously repressed desire to be a man and become a professional tennis player. Special appearance by Renee Richards.

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My thoughts exactly Brock, I think they are getting a little out of hand now. Does EVERYTHING have to resort to sexual connotations?


Lucy would surely turn in her grave if she read half of these!


Yes, I deleted that particular one, sent a PM explaining why. <_< Let's try it again. :lucymeh:

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"Censors." LOL!


The Ricardos Desecrate A Statue -- Not content with Yankee Doodle, Lucy makes a u-turn and backs the station wagon over NYC's statue of Ralph Kramden


The Liquor License -- Ricky Bacardi arrives in NYC to sue Lucy and Ricky Ricardo for bigamy.


Lucy & Tallulah Bankhead Have A Surprise Slumber Party -- Her Husband writes an erotic sequel to The Queen's Lament


Lucy & The Return of Iron Man -- Lucy Carmichael auditions for the role of The Black Widow in Iron Man 2.


Lucy & The Dope Opera -- Lucy makes a surprising discovery when she dons her Japanese Gardner outfit and takes a job at Lindsay Lohan's place


Lucy & The Plummer -- Starstruck by a recent trip to Broadway, Lucy and Viv compete to see who can bust up the inexplicable Christopher Plummer - Tammy Grimes union.


Lucy & The Countess Have A Whore's Guest -- Lucy and Countess Framboise open a day care centre, looking after Charlie, the son of neighbour and struggling young actor Martin Sheen.


Fred & Ethel Bite -- After Fred and Ethel explore their kinky side, Lucy thinks the worst when she finds teeth marks on Ethel's neck.


Mertz, Kurtz, Hurtz, and Nurtz -- Fred and his vaudeville pals open up a theatrical agency

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Lucy & The Countess Have A Whore's Guest -- Lucy and Countess Framboise open a day care centre, looking after Charlie, the son of neighbour and struggling young actor Martin Sheen.


Fred & Ethel Bite -- After Fred and Ethel explore their kinky side, Lucy thinks the worst when she finds teeth marks on Ethel's neck.



Those are hilarious!! :lucyhaha:

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The Crack Wig -- While in Hollywood, Lucy Ricardo tries to get discovered by moonlighting as Whitney Huston and Phil Spector's hair stylist.


Lucy's Italian Doobie -- Lucy unwittingly becomes a drug mule for the mafia.


The Club Erection -- The Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League takes lessons from a life model.


Ricky's Screen Crest -- Lucy buys a do-it-yourself home teeth bleeching kit to help Ricky land a toothpaste commercial.


Lucy Gets Homesick in Little Italy -- Still riding the subway with a loving cup on her head after all these years, Lucy gives up trying to get back home and sets up shop in The Bronx.


Bob Switching -- Lucy Carmichael goes on a TV Quiz Show to win a week's worth of writing lessons from crack television scribe Bob Carroll, Jr. In the meantime, poor Bob is tied up due to a facial hair-related emergency and in lieu of Schiller and Weiskopf, Lucy is disappointed to be stuck with Bob O'Brien.


Lucy Carter meets Lucy Ricardo -- Lucy is shocked to be confronted with her doppleganger on a visit to the home of mutual friend Cathy Williams.


Main Street, U.A.E. -- Lucy accompanies Mr. Mooney to open up a branch of the Westland Bank in the United Arab Emirates.


Lucy Blows Main Street Off The Map -- The visit doesn't go so well.


Someone Has A Facelift With Dinah -- Lucy and her old buddy Dinah book surgery on the same day.


Lucy & Wally's Cock -- Carter's Unique Employment Agency is hired by a chicken farmer to source a prized breed of rooster. Special Guest Star: Wally Cox.


Lucy & The Landers Sisters -- Lucy and Harry check into The Love Boat.


Lucy & Miss Shelley Long -- Shelley comes to Carter's Unique Employment agency to hire an assistant due to her new, hot movie career. Lucy takes the job herself and tries to convince her to go back to Cheers.


Lucy, the American Mutha' -- Lucy Carter hits menopause.


Kim Cuts You-Know-Who -- Kim is mortified to discover that the widow of Lucy Carter's second husband is selling her mother's worldly belongings.

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"Lucy and the Rap Star" - Lucy promotes an up-and-coming rapper and then gets into the act herself giving her first solo rap.


"Lucy Gets Dissolved" - A mad scientist wants Lucy to market his new vanishing cream. But when Lucy tries the cream on herself, she becomes invisible.


"Lucy and the Ring-a-ting-a-ling" - Lucy sings "All Alone" once more and catches the interest of a recording company who want her to make her first music video with go-go boys.


"Lucy Gets Rapped" - Sequel to "Lucy and the Rap Star" - This time Lucy is given a new image complete with bling and grill and gets mistaken for Da Brat who just broke out of prison.


"Lucy and the Jones" - Lucy runs into Tom Jones and the two try to track down Grace Jones for a charity event.


"Lucy and the Golden Sink" - When Zsa Zsa Gabor's gold sink gets delivered and installed in Lucy's kitchen by mistake, Lucy has to find a way to explain it to Zsa Zsa. But Zsa Zsa wants her sink.


That's all for now. :)

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