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Okay.. what is this all about?

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YOU know something? I noticed something on The Lucy Show and sometimes I see it on Here's Lucy and I wonder if I am alone or if any of you have noticed it too... and if you have tell me what the heck is going on... Okay.. on a Lucy Show episode.. where she has to work at a department store to earn enough money to pay for a dinette set... you know the one where she rides around on a go-cart... doesn't she have a piece of tape on the bridge of her nose?? I am sure this is to keep her looking young and pretty.. but in this episode it is soooo obvious.. and some other later episodes I notice it too... so am I right? Is this some of that surgical tape?? AND why is it soooo obvious here an less obvious elsewhere? And does anyone know the history of this? When did she start wearing this?? Was it introduced in the MacMurry hour long episode with the new wig and Gene Hibbs makeup???

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I haven't noticed this either but will definitely be on the lookout. On a side note, I thought Lucy looked absolutely gorgeous in "Lucy Hunts Uranium." Big difference in her there and in the previous few episodes. She doesn't look nearly as tired. I actually wish she would have kept the "artichoke" haircut/wig a little longer!

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Funny that you mention that episode. I never noticed anything actually on her face but I have noticed something odd about her face in it. It seems on her nose and down onto her cheeks she looks very shinny. Maybe this is what you are seeing. The scene I notice it most in is where she is looking at the dinette set. I had a few theories on this. One is her stage makeup may have needed to be touched up. Two she was just sweating a lot and it became more pronounced as the scene went on. Three she may not have been feeling well and it caused her to sweat more. Those lights get hot. I’ve noticed on the new clear DVDs that on both TLS and HL a lot of sweating by the actors, Lucy though tended to always look fresh, Gale on the other hand not so much. Also in this episode in that same scene Lucy I believe has a run in her stockings. It’s noticeable when she sits on top of the table.


This does being up some questions I have about the wig and contraption thing. Have we been able to establish the contraption started with the wig in the McMurry episode or is that just the start of the wig? Seems odd to do just the wig as I always thought the wig’s sole reason was to hide the contraption. Also towards the later LDCHs and in Facts of Life Lucy has this wig that in the back is like she twisted her hair and pinned it in an updo. It always looked so good with hairline blending that I wondered if it was a wig. It looks more wig like in the front but that pulled up hair in the back always throws me. In FOL she wears her own hair too and looks wonderful. Wonder why the swapping between wig and natural hair?


I have to disagree about the sort hair. I think that artichoke wig was the least flattering hair she ever had. I don’t like short hair Lucy and this was the shortest ever second only to late 40’s around Easy Living time.


In the first season and some of the second of TLS Lucy goes back and forth with wig wearing and not. I know in episodes like Duck Hunting, Lucy and Viv with the shower, the contact lens, and the ladies softball episodes Lucy goes with natural hair in scenes only where water or head gear would make wig wearing difficult. In some of these episodes those scenes are not the ending of the episode and she goes back to the wig for the remainder. So my question is how much time did it take to do the whole rigging to go through it twice in one night? Also Henry said that the lace wigs were designed to be worn for many hours. Did it only it get worn for an hour or less then it gets taken off, only to be put back on later?


There are some episodes where Lucy does get the wig wet, Marine Land (I think that is a wig), Lucy in the green dye vat, wringing out the wash cloth from Drippy. Jimmy mentioned before that the only time on HL she wore natural hair is in the dunk tank, and the Bow Wow Boutique, both are water related. Guess it depends on how wet she was intending to get may have dictated it. I would think she would have not wiged it for the run on the rapids episode of HL, but that looks wig like to me.


What strikes me in the early LS episodes is that obviously without the wig you can’t do the contraption so I’ve watched those episodes where she has both natural and wig and she doesn’t look much different without the contraption compared to a scene or 2 later. I would think stretching out the skin over time did more harm in the long run than what it did temporarily for her face.


It also fascinates me as to when Lucy off-screen goes with natural hair or wig. Anything that would end up on TV is wig. But pictures from parties are sort of all over. Maybe some nights she just didn’t feel like it and just piled on the makeup instead hoping pictures were on the minimal side. Anytime I see her in these decades with natural hair she always looks great as she wore it longer and looser in off-screen life. The outtakes of the Airforce Academy episode where they are getting on and off the plane she looks great. In all the HL rehearsal footage she has natural hair and makeup on and she looks older there but not bad. Part of this is those lashes made a huge difference in her look. Even back through the 40’s she looked older without them. Could also be her more serious tone as she was working too. The pulled up look did add youth which was needed to better convey those childlike qualities of the character. An older, more serious look would not have worked as well.


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What do yu mean Claude? I swear something is over the bridge of her nose and attached to her cheeks...like lifting them....

I will look at the ep tomorrow to see if I notice what you're talking about. As for me, I never noticed the eye thing till this year, she paints her eyebrows so high that you notice this deep crevasse from the top of the nose to where her eyebrows would be if they were still there.

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