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Lou Ann Graham & Viv's Scrapbook


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The Rio Rancher Observer has an interesting article today on Viv's sister, Lou Ann Graham:




I didn't know until the end of the article Lou Ann had launched a website selling copies of the great Vivian Vance "scrapbook" she put together for Jamestown a few years ago. The updates sound interesting!



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I caved & bought the update, even though I have the hard copy. It was too hard for me to pass up new info on Viv. There are a few more good articles & pictures in most of the sections (but of course I wanted much more!) My biggest diappointment was with the section entitled "I Love Lucy & The Lucy Show" because the ONLY info it contained about The Lucy Show was one picture of Viv, Lucy & the kids that we've all seen. That was the section I really wanted more info on.


Still, as a Viv fan, I'm glad I purchased it. It would have been nice to have the option to purchase just the updates, though, for those who already had the hard copy.

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