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Funny Fred lines


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(seeing the horse's ass) "Hi, Ethel!"


"What's the big deal? You just walk up to her, slip her the grip, and say, 'Hiya, Queen!'"


"You know, I kinda think she went for me! It must be the Yul Brenner influence."


"Like I said, they can come up and see US on weekends!"


"Telephone for Ava Gardner"


"Remember, Fred, she's just people like you and me."

"She might be people, but she's NOT like you and me!"

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"She spends money like I'm printing it in the basement!"


"Crazy for Lucy or crazy for ordinary people?"


Ricky: "What do you know about rice?"

Fred: "Well, I had it thrown at me on one of the darkest days in my life."


"You're scared? Think of the Queen!"


"What are you, a birdwatcher?"


"What was the matter with ten dollars??!!"


"Who's that? What's that!!"

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"Why that money has nothing to do with my deep devotion for you." "LUCY's?!"


"What makes this one so heavy? Oh no wonder!"


"I'm not goin' hurtlin' through space in that strung out ferris wheel."


in funny cabbie voice: "I know a short cut through Pillidellpia."


in "spirit" voice of Adelade: "Shut up you worm!"


"Bathtub in the livin'room??"


"Are they still followin' me?"


"Just keep talkin' and talkin' and talkin'.. you know, act normal."


"For once keep your big BAZOO shut."


"Hello MOBY."


"Whadyigive you..hummh.. I mean how do you like what I gave you?"

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I'm gonna KICK myself when I hear the answer to this. Because when I get into bed in about an hour it'll come to me! :marionstrong: What ep is this from? Thanks! :lucyhorror:

The HOUR long show with Fernando "YOU LOOK MARVELOUS" Lamous... They (Mertz's) are sittin at a table outdoors and Ethel is talking about going on the ski lift.. remember it now??

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Ethel (on the phone with Lucy): Lucy's in trouble.

Fred : Quick,hang up!


Lucy (after accidentally stepping on Fred's toes during a dance lesson): Fred,I'm sorry!

Fred : Yeah,you're sorry and I'm crippled.


Fred (after seeing Ethel in the Ricardos' apartment): A cute young chick? You'll never buy my poultry.


Ethel (in tears) : I gave him the best years of my life.

Fred: Were those the best?

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