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Lucy introduces Sammy Davis, Jr. (Kennedy Center)


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Bette's induction was also uploaded last night, introduced by everyone's favourite:




To be fair, Lucy was in much better health than Davis at this point.

Puhlezze, Bette got ugly decades before she got sick, last time she looked gorgeous was All About Eve, LOL! But it was more a compliment to Lucy than a dig at Bette. I've read three books on her where she has nasty things to say about everybody including Lucy.

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Everytime I see this, I just love seeing Lucy here and saying such powerful words. I love how Lucy speaks

on Davis' past with such empathy and acknowledgment of the times and his experiences.

I also LOVE Lucys speaking voice. I dunno why lol but I would have loved Lucy to have been here long enough to

read her own bio as an audio book. I think with all of the interviews and audio footage. I think it would be so thrilling to have an audiobook by Lucie with most of her father and mothers personal audio.

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