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Lucy gets you ready for the fall harvest!


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Cute article. Thanks for posting. I love coming across these domestic fluff pieces that were very prevalent back in the day. It also reminds me about that Byline radio interview where Lucy is complaining that some magazine implied they did this all for show. At least when you put these pieces on them together with real stories and personal photos they really did do this stuff. Most of it anyways. Obviously she had a maid so she wasn’t doing the house cleaning and I’m sure they had ranch help. That’s a lot of responsibility for 2 working people that were out of town or working for long periods of time.


I think one of the most interesting things in this time period was how much of a glamorous movie star MGM was making Lucy out to being, and when she stepped out she was every bit the star, but she would go home and be this really down to earth, normal person doing all the stuff around the ranch and from all those photos we’ve seen lived really modest too. There is a passage in her book where she talks about sitting around at home with friends who also had places like theirs and talking till late in the night about crop rotation, what insecticide to use, etc…


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Oh geez, don't remind me of that.  The woman is super rich and has this mansion, she's surrounded by REAL flowers and plants OUTSIDE but inside she has these horrible artificial things, LOL!  My family went that route when they were in, in the fifties, but we gradually went with REAL things in the sixties, then, only the Christmas trees were artificial, LOL!

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