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Frank Nelson's Disappearance

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Having been a recurring player on "My Favorite Husband" and "I Love Lucy,"  I wonder why he not once appeared on either "The Lucy Show" or "Here's Lucy."  Was he considered too similar in style to Gale Gordon?  I know he continued to work throughout the period, having made a few funny appearances on "Sanford and Son" as his usual obnoxious sales clerk character, "eee-Yessssss!"


Also, what would have "The Lucy Show" been like had he been cast as Mr. Mooney?  Better, worse, or just different?

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Frank Nelson was in "Lucy Visits the White House" but that was his final Lucy episode.

After that, it seems his appearances become more sporadic and voice overs.

O I C but his question is very valid though, I too wondered why he never appeared with her again in her later series.  He was such a great character.

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Who's Irwin Charone???



Irwin Charone, actor, 37 titles; Lucille Ball guest, The Lucy Show “Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank”, 1963; guest, Desilu Studios'-filmed, My Favorite Martian “If You Can't Lick 'Em”, 1964; The Lucy Show “Lucy Gets Mooney Fired”, “Lucy Sues Mooney, 1967; “Lucy Gets Involved”; “Lucy and Sid Caesar”, 1968; as well as (“Here's Lucy”) “Lucy and the Bogie Affair”, 1969; “Lucy and Sammy Davis, Jr.,” 1970; “Lucy and the Raffle”, 1971; “Lucy and the Professor”, 1973; is born this date in 1922.

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