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I've been enjoying Gale Gordon on Dennis the Menace

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 Been watching season 4 of Dennis the Menace and enjoying Gale Gordon as the new Mr Wilson (George's brother) Even though I like Joseph Kearns better as Mr Wison, Gale is great and the last season of Dennis pleasant, despite the fact that Jay is just a little old for the part of Dennis.

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When I was about 10 Yeats old I watch TLS in the afternoon. I also was a fasn until they moved it opposite Lucy. I would flip back and forth during commercials. It was really finny when I would encounter double Gale.

Gale was great on that show, it was nice seeing him yell at someone else for a change.  I too thought he was better than Kearns.  Never missed the show.

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Now the part wasn't recast after Kearns died, right? Gale played the character's brother?



That's right. Kearns' Wilson "moved" and Gale's Wilson was brought in to look after the house for a while, eventually joined by his wife (Sara Seeger) and eventually they formally bought the joint.

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