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The Audition

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How many of you get a kick out of Lucy as the Professor? I love how she does the trained seal thing, and also the music in the background. Oh that Lucy. As long as she made us laugh, she was happy? She worked so hard to do that. I'm talking about the one from season 1, not the pilot, but I love how in the pilot, Desi is trying not to laugh after Lucy says "what thin'?" Like Carol Burnett said, if someone else tried to do that, it wouldn't be that funny. 


I wish someone could colorize that scene because of the color camera footage from that unknown audience member. I could try but it would be a lot of work. I think it's better in the original B&W


Man to have a color home movie camera in 1951 (with SOUND), you probably had to be a millionaire. lol. My grandparents had a home movie camera from the time they were married in 1958 through the mid 70s when my mom and aunts were kids, but it was black & white and not really the clearest footage. At one point they did have a color one but I could only find one 3 minute reel and it wasn't really anything special, once I transferred it. 

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