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Lucy Misses The Mertzes

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This is a relatively unique episode in the ILL canon and I've come to love Lucy Misses The Mertzes more with each viewing. Not only is it wonderfully written, but it is a rare opportunity for our two couples to fly almost completely solo and our actors seem to be really enjoying the change of pace. The interactions between Lucy and Ricky are much warmer than they had been in the earlier half of this season, they share so many natural moments, and as for the Mertzes, we get a flavour of what they would have been like in their own spinoff. To paraphrase Cousin Ernie, "You know what? I like it!"


This episode is chock full of criminally underrated lines and moments, from the head holding HC mentioned in "The Little Things..." thread, to Ethel and Fred's banter about her $16 shoes, Ricky becoming "a regular country square", Ethel and the girl on the platform talking about "that Elvis...whatshisname", Fred's cold weather health tips, Matilda Trumbull: Fight Manager, using Keith well, and...


:lucy1: Go get him, Ricky! Go get him!

:desi1: I don't want to go get him!

:lucy1: But you were looking for him!

:desi1: Yeah, but I didn't want to find him!


I wonder what would count officially as Desi's biggest laugh in the series. If that's not it, it has to be right up there.


Thoughts on this episode?

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I like that the sentimental moment comes at the beginning of this episode instead at the end of the prior one. Like life, we have our sad moments and we go on. (I've always thought sitcom episodes should end with laughs rather than tears.)  I agree Lucy and Desi seem more natural and relaxed here. I also like seeing the Mertzes interact on their lonesome. It's really a quiet episode -- very well written, as you said.


But, I don't know, it seems more functional than anything else. It's the episode where Lucy and Ricky first move into their new house, and the writers cement in the fact that the Mertzes aren't leaving the series -- even if they're still in the city (for now). It's an I Love Lucy, so there are some golden moments, but of the 13 Connecticut episodes, I think the majority of them have bigger and more frequent laughs than this one. I'll have to watch it again soon though... 

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I love the real moments in this one. I generally felt Lucille was having a real emotional moment about working with that set for the last time and the carrying over the threshold was really sweet and felt real too.


I love the bedroom scene in this one. I had something in my attic last year and it sounded just like that too. Love the concern over if Little Ricky was warm enough and him coming in when he got scared.

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