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"Here's Lucy" Christmas Pageant Episode

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Lucy's Christmas Pageant


Kim's church wants to put on a nativity play Christmas Eve, but nobody in the congregation has any interest in doing it. Naturally, she turns to her mother and uncle for help and advice. Lucy immediately takes charge and enlists all her friends to help out. She gets Vanda and Sam to play Joseph and Mary, Harry to play the innkeeper, Craig to play the little drummer boy and assigns Kim as the lead singing angel. Having run out of available men, Lucy assigns the three wisemen to Mary Jane, Viv and Mary (Wickes). Lucy herself decides to play the angel of the Lord, and several of her other friends fill the gaps as shepherds, angels and barn animals.


But things take a sour turn fast. Carol Krausmeyer, furious at having to play a sheep instead of Mary, starts bleating whenever Vanda opens her mouth. Sam keeps forgetting his lines, and while Viv and Mary are able to lower their voices convincingly, Mary Jane's wiseman still sounds like a chipmunk. Plus, Craig's take on the drummer boy makes Buddy Rich look like an amateur and Kim's rock n'roll rendition of "Away in a Manger" just isn't cutting it. Lucy is forced to cut Carol from the cast and becomes dictatorial-like in her direction of the others.


Fed up with her iron-fisted rule, the remaining cast members conspire to make this the hippest, most radical pageant the church has ever seen, complete with a wide variety of songs, and come opening night the audience loves it. Lucy is furious and sulks off to be alone, but after the congregation has left the others all join her in a Christmas vigil and everyone remembers the true meaning of Christmas. That is until Carol bursts in, thinking to interrupt the show, belting a powerhouse rendition of Silent Night that knocks all the snow off the roof.


Songs from the final version of the pageant:


Mary's Little Baby Loves Shortnin' Bread: Harry

Blue Christmas: Vanda

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree: Kim

Ba Rump Pa Pum PUM!: Craig

Boogie Woogie Savior Boy from Bethlehem B: Mary Jane, Viv, Mary



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I can picture it from start to finish and love it!

And since Baby Jesus is Jewish, shouldn't it be Mary's Little Baby Loves LEAVENED Shortnin' Bread.


And Vanda/Mary's reaction to the 3 Wise Men's gifts: "MYRRH??!! Anything else, Diamond Jims Brady?"

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