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Lucy is Enciente final scene

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I don't think you'll ever see anything that moving on TV ever again . . . and so real. Saturday night live is a different story but this was a sitcom.


I'm sure most of us Lucy fans know that they did another take of this scene much to the protesting of the audience but kept the first one. I wonder if they destroyed it or it's floating around somewhere.


No matter how many times I see it it still gives me chills and warms my heart. lolz.

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Yeah I was hoping to see it on the DVD bonus stuff but I guess its one of those things that have gone....


Can't beat the scene they used but would love to see just how different the retake was



There are many clips we may never see like the scene where Lucy's trying out different disguises in "L.A. At Last" and the scene where they enter the hotel lobby when they arrive.

Btw, does anyone know if the picture that was secretly taken by a studio member during the filming of "Breaking The Lease" was ever developed or shown anywhere?

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