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I Love Lucy props on Ebay


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I'm not sure if this belongs in this part of the forums...........but let me know if it doesn't! :).

There are a few I Love Lucy props for sale on eBay. I won a glass tumbler (looks more like a fancy drinking glass than a tumbler to me, but anyway ;) ).


Dessert dish:



Glass candlestick:






Vanity dish:


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I'll be honest- I don't recognize ANY of those! The dessert dish looks kind of familiar, but I'm not one of those people who keeps track of what dress she's wearing or what earrings or how many times Dede says "Uh oh!" per episode. Do you know for sure that these are from ILL? They would probably be selling for a lot more... HarryCarter on the board seems to know what's up; he can probably identify the episodes these are from!

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I don't keep track of what she's wearing, either. :). I'm pretty sure I've seen the glasses, and dessert dish before. Well, I did win the tumbler, and it comes with a COA, so I'll post a picture when it comes. Ok, I'll ask HarryCarter. :)

Yeah, looked at the eBay seller's profile, he's selling a ton of props from other shows and they all come with a COA.

I'm sure they come from the show now and it'd be interesting to know which ones.

I guess I'm a lot better at identifying ACTORS rather than silverware! :)

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I'm not sure if its all the way until they "swished" apartments, but I specifically saw the glasses on the shelf in Be a Pal. :). That was the only 1 season episode I watched today, and I nearly freaked when I saw the glasses there!!!! ;). I'm going to watch a few more Season 1 episodes tonight, so I'll see if I see them again.

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