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"Someone's in a Snowstorm with Dinah"


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First a foot of snow, then we got freezing rain which encrusted the snow with a top layer of ice.  I live on a hill which makes things worse, but after 4 days of being snowed in, I had to get down to my office which is about 1.5 miles away and all downhill.   Took a test run on skis and realized with the narrow windy streets, I didn't have enough control, so went with Plan B.

This is how I pass the time being cooped up for 4 days.


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Let's complete the set.


"Neil and Eva Longoria Are Hospital Roomies"

"Neil and Joe Montana"

"Neil, The Other Man"

"Neil & Joey's Memoirs"

I'm just glad there's not the "Neil and Wayne Newton" episode....or God forbid "Neil's Safari" or with guest star "Won't You Calm Down, Claude Courval"

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"Claude Finally Cuts You-Know-Who's Jugular Vein"

"Neil Plays Cops and Robbers"

"Brian Goes Hawaiian pts. 1 and 2"

"Joey's Italian Bombshell"

"Brock the Cement Worker" :P

"Goodbye Mr. Hips"

"Neil Sells Brian to Wayne Knight" (this one oughtta be strange)

"Neil and the Sochi Affair" (an Olympics themed episode featuring the skiing routine)

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