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Lucy and the Runaway Butterfly

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why is this episode considered one of the worst ones of TLS season 1? Because she made a shambles of the park all because of a butterfly? The convo at the beginning with Lucy and Viv (A-HA!) is pretty funny, how Viv wants Lucy to marry Howard. And Lucy must have been predicting the future or watching too much Jetsons because she said "Good thing it isn't Phonavision." Now we have Skype and Facetime. lol. Imagine if Howard FaceTimed her while she had curlers in her hair.


There's far worse eps of season 1. I only saw Lucy Becomes a Reporter once. It was boring. I think the best part was when she was in the office with the tray of microfilm roll things.

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The idea and basic concept of video phones was around at that time. I remember seeing them in those videos from the 50s and 60s on the home of tomorrow.


I like the Reporter one. From what I've assessed in Season one there are episodes I may not care for as a whole but there will be part of it I like. Astronaut might be my low rated one.

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