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False Advertising??

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Okay, can somebody 'splain this one?? I think it falls loosely under the concept of "false advertising":


I noticed in my lukel online TV listings that a local LA independent affiliate (My13) was going to show a 2 hour (3 - 5 pm) block of "Here's Lucy" today, so being news to me, thought I'd check it out.  So I tune to the channel right before 3, a promo v/o comes on pronouncing (paraphrashing): "Next on My13, Lucille Ball in 'I Love Lucy'"! and momentarily after that the credits roll.... and what is aired is neither ILL nor HL but We Love Lucy, the syndicated half-hour edits of TLDCH!!! WTF???!


Anyone else experience something like this?? Is it my cold meds making me hallucinate??! What gives???

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